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What is sequin yarn?

Author: Views:3607 Published:2018-05-09 21:20:15

Just like the name says, sequin yarn is a kind of fashionable fancy Omega replica yarn with sequins attached. As a common knitting yarn, this yarn is so pretty with the sequins and favored by many fashion brands, designers and customers.
Sequin yarns are available in solids, variegated, and hand dyes - all have a strand of sequins running throughout. This type of yarn is mainly suitable for mid-gauge machine such as 5G, 7G, 9G and some thick items need 1.5-3G. There are many kinds of sequin yarns according to different component, for example, cotton sequin yarn, polyester sequin yarn, viscose sequin yarn, acrylic sequin yarn and so on. Most of these yarns are blended yarns and can be seen in many yarn shops or sewing shops.
It is an interesting thing to add a bit of sparkle and shine Breitling replicas to your knitted items with sequined yarns. Glittering with sequins, this kind of yarn is ideal for shawls, cowls, hats and other accessories that sparkle. It is also suitable for knitting sweaters that catch the light.
Consinee Top-Line Company promotes two sequin yarns and one is for knitting fall and winter garment and another is for knitting spring and summer clothes. The former is VENETIA which is made up of 12%Superfine Alpaca 12%Extrafine Merino Wool 64%Polyester Fiber 12%Polyamide Fiber. The latter is called TWINKLE that contains 78%Cotton, 18%Viscose and 4%Sequins.
Sequin Yarn from Consinee Top-Line Company is richly colored and accented with sequin randomly along the length of the yarn. To get a new style fashion, it is really ideal to try these yarns with sequins and add glamor to your crafts.