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A fashionable linen cashmere twisted yarn for new spring coats

Author: Views:3202 Published:2019-01-16 17:14:29

Top Line promotes a fashionable repliche rolex contrassegno linen cashmere twisted yarn for new spring coats panerai replica which is called SOREN and it's favored by many panerai replica fashion brands and companies. It a new blended linen yarn omega replica type which is twisted with cashmere. It contains 63%Linen and 37%Cashmere, Nm 4.8 count, suggested for 5 gauge machine knitting.
The combination of white linen and colored cashmere makes SOREN colorful and fabulous. It has the stiff and smooth of linen and the soft and warm of cashmere. Linen fiber is very absorbent and garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional replicas de relojes de lujo coolness and freshness in hot high quality rolex daytona replica watches weather. Cashmere fiber can makes the yarn soft so the clothes will be more comfortable for body.
SOREN is very suitable for knitting spring coats.replika óra Please find the swatch of SOREN as below:

Different colors bring you the special feeling of fresh, natural and live. Top Line promotes 12 colors in this latest Spring/Summer collection and normally keeps 8 colors in stock and min order is 1kg/color for stock colors, if you want your own colors,replicas relojes the min quantity is up to 50kgs/color.