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What are the features and advantages of Top linen yarn series?

Author: Views:4479 Published:2018-04-16 13:47:12

Linen is very popular material in spring summer. Top Linen promote replica orologi svizzeri s series of linne yarn in 17SS season. We have CEYLON 2/40 100% linen yarn which are cool and comfortable to wear in spring summer. réplicas de relojes And linen yarn blended with various materials is also our features and highlight.
On one hand, Top Line select high-quality long-spun yarns, mainly including medium-count and high-count yarns, which are all spun with raw materials imported from France, Belgium. On the other hand, we blend different raw materials with flax to improve the defects of stiffness and coarseness. For example, we add long silk to increase the smoothness of yarns, add spun silk to increase the softness and smoothness of yarns, such as our 2/48 70% silk 30% linen (semi worsted) and TERAZZO NM12.5 33%linen 42%silk 25% viscose; add cotton or viscose to increase softness and comfort such as our NUBIA NM8 26% linen 21% cotton 53%polyamide. As to color, we not only promote natural colors but also add bright colors to change the traditional dark and single color of flax. We promote many beautiful popular color of 2016/2017 such as light blue, light purple to increase brightness to your spring summer. If you are cartier replica interested please contact us online or send mail to   
At the meanwhile, in order to maintain the natural style of flax, we also select original-color unbleached linen yarns, which do not need further dyeing. The original color is used to demonstrate the natural color of land, which is not only green environmental protection but also fashionable. However, since the yarns are not further dyed, there will be slight color difference between different flax. It is recommended to use double-thread-guides or multi-thread-guide in knitting.