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High Quality 2017 Spring Summer season Linen Yarn

Author: Views:2988 Published:2016-04-23 13:36:54

Linen yarn is hot selling and mainly promoted yarn products in Top Line spring summer season. Line is a very healthy and comfortable material used in spring summer knitting so it is very popular in knitwear production. Top line linen yarn is unique and superior to the linen yarn from many other suppliers both in quality and design.
The fancy linen yarns produced by Top Line are mainly suitable for 14-18 needle flat knitting machine. Yarns are mainly high-count and flax-containing, so they are different from common yarns in knitting and washing.
Firstly, yarns must be adequately waxed. Because yarns containing flax are relatively coarser than yarns of other materials, there will be larger friction during knitting and inadequate waxing is likely to cause break or even shedding. This problem is more obvious in high-yarn count and high-knitting Gauge.
Secondly, the feeding tension is relatively looser than ordinary yarns, due to linen joints which are also a unique feature of linen products. With too tight tension, when meeting linen joints, yarns will be easily obstructed to cause broken yarns. For products containing long-spun linen, please try to use yarn cone pallets in case of yarns of yarns falling off during the knitting process and therefore causing broken yarns.
Thirdly, Regular knitting tension and speed should be applied when using hand flat knitting machine. Otherwise, uneven intensity of the knit down surface or something the illusion of yarn unevenness will occur.
Top Line supplies various 100% linen yarn and linen blend yarn such as linen viscose yarn, linen polyamide yarn, linen cotton yarn etc. with min order only 1kg/color, so if you are interested it is very convenient for you to sampling.