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Why mohair is so popular in knitting?

Author: Views:2583 Published:2018-05-03 21:28:01

Mohair is a very popular in nowadays knitting industry and many people love rolex imitazioni its softness and beauty. Mohair fibre is similar with sheep hair in appearance. The length omage replica of mohair fibre is 120  to 150mm and diameter about 10-90 micron. The fibre is smooth with silky luster in surface and it is not likely to shrink or felted. Mohair fibre has good elasticity and abrasive resistance, anti-pilling resistance, therefore it is Cartier replicas easy to wash. Mohair fibre rarely curl and easy to dye because it is sensitive to chemical dyes.
Mohair products are compatible to dyes and its finished products are very brilliant in color.  Mohair is normally used in the production of coat, sweater, blanket etc. mohair is cut from angora goat and named after MUKHYAR (best wool). Angora goats live in Himalayan plateau originally and with the herdsmen migration they settle down in Ankara in Turkey. With the Artificial domestication and improvement they become angora goats and their fibres are called MUKHYAR that is mohair.

Consinee Group – Top Line is professional in mohair yarn production. We choose best quality kid mohair and super kid mohair from South Africa. The mohair yarn we produce is in various fancy style blending with merino wool, nylon etc.
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