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What is called tape yarn?

Author: Views:7740 Published:2018-07-30 15:02:35
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As a kind of fancy yarn style, tape yarn, also can be called ribbon yarn, is one type of perfect yarn to use for many types of clothes or clothing accessories. The following is a basic description about tape yarn.
Tape yarns are used for knitwear and typically formed by weaving or knitting. They are often made on circular knitting machines, giving them a tubular cross-section, in the form of a tape with a large width-to-thickness ratio.
This kind of yarns is flat and just like tape or ribbon and that is the reason why people call it tape yarn. Its flat nature character makes it possible to achieve a knitted pattern that could not be accomplished with other types of yarn like normal round yarn.
Tape yarns were made up of only cotton or wool blends in the past. However, nowadays, blends of synthetic and natural materials are also suitable for making tape yarns. In fact, many people find that a cotton and nylon blended tape yarn is easier to work with. And as a bonus, knitted clothes that made by tape yarns which are including some synthetic material are more expressive.
As a top fashion brand in the world, Top Line Company promote several tape yarns in both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter series, like wool blended tape yarns, linen blended tape yarns, cotton blended tape yarns. All these tape yarns are popular hot sale and favored by many big fashion brands. To add a different expression to knitting, Top Line brand remains committed to produce high quality tape yarns that will be sure to please everyone.