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Consinee-Top Line selects and uses Superior Egyptian Cotton Material

Author: Views:2178 Published:2019-06-15 10:04:33

Consinee Top Line‘s high quality yarn origin from replica orologi superior quality material. Egyptian cotton, known as the "Platinum" in fact, has enjoyed a good and long reputation in the world. So it meets Consinee Top Line’s Copias de relojes superior pursuit on yarn material.
Egyptian cotton also is called the Egyptian long staple cotton, which is naturally white and slender with good luster and favored by people all over the world. And that is the reason why Consinee Top Line Group chooses it as cotton series yarn material.
Egyptian cotton is native to the subcontinent of South repliche rolex Asia and Egypt is the world's most important staple cotton export country. Egyptian cotton needs warmth and rainwater to grow; and just because the subcontinent of South Asia is hot and rainy so that it is very suitable for the growth of the Egyptian cotton and makes it really high quality for being used in high-grade clothing.
Compared to China Mainland Cotton material, Egyptian cotton is softer, thinner, smoother, longer and more flexibility. And generally speaking, its fiber length is more than 33mm, mostly up to 60-70mm. Egyptian cotton is superior to be spun into high count than the ordinary cotton and has better gloss. So Consinee Top Line chooses this superior cotton material to put into superior cotton yarn production.
Annually, Consinee Top Line purchases large quantity Egyptian cotton material to spinning high quality cotton yarns with superb craft and won and deserves 100% lead reputably from customers.