About us
Top Line (Ningbo) Textile Co. Ltd, as part of the Consinee Group, is currently the production base of the highest-level fancy yarn in this industry. Relying on the Group's high standard, the company adheres to the development concept of “Technology, Fashion, Green, and Recycling” to create new fashion elements by employing world-leading design, R&D and technical teams, using Italian spinning technology, and combining Chinese innovation.
20 new PAFA machines were added in the end of 2021 and now the company possesses 60 imported fully new Italian-made PAFA machines. The company produces every year more than 2,000 tons of fancy yarns of high-grade natural fibres, such as cashmere, Royal alpaca, filament silk, sustainable RMS South African mohair ,RWS wool and RAS alpaca.
The production capacity of such fancy yarns as NM25 or NM35 high-count brush yarns is more significant, which can meet the application of multiple knitting methods and needle types of one kind of yarn. The current production delivery time can be controlled in 3 weeks.


Fancy twister production line: 18 PAFA fancy audemars piguet jules audemars replica twister production line from Italy with capacity of various fancy yarn such as high count brushed yarn, gradient yarn and special style yarn 1200 tons.