32%Superfine Alpaca 32%Extrafine Merino Wool 30%Polyamide Fiber 6%Elastan

  Nm 13,000


  Brushed yarn

Detail information

Brand Top-Line
Item No. ASPEN
Composition 32%Superfine Alpaca 32%Extrafine Merino Wool  30%Polyamide Fiber 6%Elastan
Yarn Count NM13,000
Yarn Type Brushed Yarn
Application 5/7G
Stock color 40 colors
Payment term T/T

Superfine Alpaca

Alpaca wool is produced from alpaca,also called alpaca.Alpaca wool is mainly produced in South America,

especially the quality of Peru's alpaca wool is best.Alpaca wool is famous for its quality and color,and its toughness

is twice as much as the sheep wool,glabrous fat,less impurities,90% net cloth rate.Fashion dress made of alpaca yarn

is light,soft,unruffled,deformation and comfortable,and it's popular with Europe and the US,Japanese consumers.

1.Top line choose the best mohair materia - south africa mohair

Best mohair from South Africa which accounts for 54% of the world total output; superior for its milky white beauty;
The finest quality mohair: Top line selects the first shearing hair shorn from only the youngest kids, usually those five or six months old.
FINENESS 24 to 26 Microns:
Fineness of mohair, the determining factor of mohair quality, we use the finest 24 to 26 microns mohair fiber.

2. The most professional –the largest mohair production base in China even Asia
The mohair yarn produced by other factory is mainly low count yarn with low mohair proportion and their mohair is low quality coarse fiber. 
While Top Line responsibly select super kid mohair and mohair proportion is even higher than 50%.

3. The most diverse style-Light the inspiration of fashion
Top line has always been developing the diversity of mohair blended yarn by promoting various fancy style like brush/ boucle/ twisted etc.

4. The most luxury feeling-satisfy the requirement of various fashion creation
 mohair blended yarn can provide various feeling of light, thin, soft, smooth, fluff etc., which is always reflecting the fashion trend.
Versatile fancy style mohair yarn can underline feminine beauty in women wears also can add rich fullness to simple men’s clothing. Inspire the creativity of fashion designers.

Pls find the swatch and color card of ASPEN for your reference: