61%cotton,11%cashmere,28%polyamide fiber

  Nm 20,000


  slub yarn

Detail information

product description

Brand Top-Line
Item No. CADIZ
Composition  61%cotton,11%cashmere,28%polyamide fiber
Yarn Count NM20,000
Yarn Type

slub Yarn

Application 12G
Stock color 5color
Payment term T/T

Color card scan of CADIZ for your reference:

250 18110 18113
18117 18130

Top Line chooses Superior Egyptian Cotton Material-bring you different experience

Top Line annually purchases large quantity Egyptian cotton material to spinning high quality cotton yarns with superb craft. And Top Line Finest cotton yarns won and deserve 100% lead reputably from customers.

1.  Egyptian cotton is suitable for high-grade clothing

It needs warmth and rainwater to grow; and just because the subcontinent of South Asia is hot and rainy so that it is very suitable for the growth of the Egyptian cotton and makes it really high quality for being used in high-grade clothing.

2.   Superior than China Mainland ordinary Cotton material

 1)  Compared to China Mainland Cotton material, Egyptian cotton is softer, thinner, smoother, longer and more flexibility. 
 2)  Generally its fiber length is more than 33mm, mostly up to 60-70mm.
 3)  Egyptian cotton is superior to be spun into high count than the ordinary cotton and has better gloss. So Top Line chooses this superior cotton material to put into superior cotton yarn production.

The spooling operation must be carried out with certain machines and particular attention; therefore we advise not to re-spool, unless absolutely necessary.


The water washes with a maximum temperature of 30℃ guarantees size stability(or all methods described in care labels below).
It's very important to wash with short treatment times and deeply spinning dry, in order to shorten time in dryer. In case you decide to carry out an industrial dry cleaning, please check that size stability is guaranteed even in case of hand washing by the final consumer.
For striped knitwear with white or medium/dark colours, dry-clean only with specific solvent whithout addition of water(changing care label instruction accordingly). whenver water washing is required, please use Anti Ataining Agent to get clear effect of knitwear or contact the commercial dpt at the moment of the order placement, which will reconfirm the real feasibility and about possible price differences.
In our process of production no Azo-dyestuff is used which may, by cleavage of its Azo group, from the ammines banned by the German Regulation on the Commodities and listed at the Article1, Paragraph 2 of the Ordinance enacted by the German Ministry for Health on July 15th 1994.

Below is swatch of CADIZ :