67%Extrafine Merino Wool  33%Polyamide Fiber

  Nm 14,000


  Boucle yarn

Detail information
Brand Top-Line
Composition 67%Extrafine Merino Wool  33%Polyamide Fiber
Yarn Count NM14,000
Yarn Type Boucle Yarn
Application 9G
Stock color 8 colors
Payment term T/T



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Basic Services 
1. Your inquiry will be replied in the earliest time.
2. Professional service with fluent English, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, etc.
3. Free color cards and sample for reference Free sample analysis
4. MOQ 1kg for stock service
5. Short production lead time and delivery.
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7. Welcome to visit our factory anytime.
8. Care instruction and knitting suggestion
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Customized Services 
1. We are happy to produce your special composition, color and count.
2. We have development dept. to develop your special request.
3. For the packing and loading, customized request is also available.

After-sale Services 
We Top Line have been endeavoring to provide you first class service and product all the time. If you have any problem with our product or service, please do not hesitate to contact us we will solve it to your satisfaction.


FRISBEE is a kind of fancy loop yarn and the loop ring type is fine and closely, soft and elastic,replica orologi just like the snow in winter, soft and loose, and also like the new greenweed in spring, hairy and stereo felling.
What can we make by using FRISBEE?
By using this kind of pretty fancy yarn, we can make lightsome coats in fall, or scarf, hat, sock or else in winter etc.
Swatch of FRISBEE for your reference: